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How does CCRSPI work?

CCRSPI’s objective is to drive and facilitate collaboration across primary industry sectors to identify climate change research priorities, gaps and emerging needs; assist partners to coordinate research investment; and communicate to share knowledge with the wider policy and research community.

CCRSPI Partners

CCRSPI partners fund and manage research according to the specific needs of their industry and region. As members of CCRSPI, partners come together to identify and discuss cross-sectoral and cross-regional issues and broker collaboration on these issues.

The collaborative platform is set by CCRSPI Partners working together to develop the CCRSPI Research, Development and Extension (RDE) Strategy which guides the Program’s work in coordinating national climate change RDE investment. Guided by the themes and principles of this Strategy, partners continue to work together to identify and develop research priorities and gaps. This cross-sectoral collaboration assists partners to:

  • prioritise and direct their research funds on cross-sectoral climate change research
  • identify key research organisations and specific skills and capacity
  • collaborate on research projects and activities
  • communicate with government and policy makers on key climate change issues facing the primary industries sector

The CCRSPI Secretariat

The CCRSPI Secretariat, funded by Partner membership contributions, manages and drives this collaboration on behalf of the partners by providing a range of services including:

  • coordinating and facilitating meetings
  • undertaking and managing the RDE audit and analysis
  • delivering information sessions on emerging issues
  • establishing and driving group collaboration on specific cross-sectoral issues
  • communicating and promoting research priorities and gaps identified by partners to government and policy makers


CCRSPI is governed by the CCRSPI Steering Committee, consisting of executive level representation from CCRSPI partner organisations.

This committee reports to the Primary Industries Standing Committee R&D Subcommittee and the Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations Chairs. It sets the strategic direction of CCRSPI; oversees the spending of CCRSPI funds; guides planning and coordination of CCRSPI activities; reviews the performance of CCRSPI; and promotes and represents CCRSPI to its partners and external stakeholders.

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