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Coordination and communication

For primary industries to address the opportunities and challenges arising from climate change, a wide range of research, development and extension (RDE) is required that extends beyond the scope and capacity of a single funding body. By communicating across sectors (both funding bodies and research organisations), the research community and primary industries benefit from shared resourcing, cooperative funding, coordinated research efforts, and ultimately, increased capacity building. CCRSPI aims to facilitate this cross-sectoral communication and coordination by bringing partners together to drive the research agenda and work across sectoral boundaries in their RDE efforts. Some national outcomes of the CCRSPI collaboration include:

  • Facilitating the development and submission of proposals to the Australia’s Farming Future $46M Climate Change Research Program
  • Helping to facilitate national coordination on soil carbon, soil nitrous oxide, and enteric methane
  • Delivery of a series of national research coordination workshops involving industry representatives, researchers and producers
  • Brought together states, rural research and development corporations, federal government and CSIRO to develop and promote a common understanding of research underway and future priorities


CCRSPI 2012-17

The CCRSPI RDE Strategy 2012-17 provides the framework for guiding and directing the work of the CCRSPI group for the next several years. Under this strategy, the Program and its partners will be focussing on strengthening partner relationships, driving group discussions based around the CCRSPI RDE themes and continuing climate change research audit and analysis to identify future research priorities and collaborate on research efforts. The Program will also be communicating beyond its partner members to connect with climate change research policy makers and the wider research and primary industries communities.

Activities planned for CCRSPI during 2012-17 include:

  • Annual partner forums
  • CCRSPI Conference
  • Webinars on current and emerging issues
  • Maintain audit of climate change research activities undertaken by partners 


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