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Synthesis and analysis

Following the 2011 CCRSPI Conference, a number of the synthesis papers prepared for that event by leading researchers were developed into peer-reviewed articles by the authors.

Synthesis papers based around papers commissioned and presented as keynote presentations during the Conference, each one acting as the opening presentation of the relevant concurrent session. The Conference Organising Committee invited a primary author for each topic to develop the synthesis paper and then present the summary and conclusions at the Conference. 

Each paper provided an introduction to the theme, the current situation and recommendations for future research, development and extension in the area. The work done by the commissioned authors in these synthesis papers helped inform the revision of the CCRSPI strategy.

These papers have now been published as a special issue of Crop and Pasture Science by CSIRO Publishing. 

They can be viewed at www.publish.csiro.au/nid/43/issue/5899.htm.


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