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CCRSPI update - December 2011

CCRSPI was the first cross-sectoral RDE strategy developed under the National Primary Industries RDE Framework. First developed in 2008, CCRSPI has since led national collaboration, coordination and communication of climate change RDE activity for Australia’s primary industries.

In December 2011 the CCRSPI Secretariat convened a two-day forum to consult with key industry stakeholders on the revision of the CCRSPI Research, Development and Extension Strategy.

Participants included representatives from research agencies, state and federal departments, CSIRO, universities, agribusiness and farm service providers, as well as producers, extension and policy officers, and farm consultants.

Interactive sessions were led by a series of overview presentations, covering each of the strategy's three themes, as well as perspectives from commercial service providers, New Zealand, and extension and adoption leaders.

Some key points stemming from the event were:

  • Evolving situation – CCRSPI is on a journey to further develop the Strategy and other CCRSPI activities within a highly complex and political environment.
  • Complexity of multiple stakeholders – CCRSPI needs to deliver to government (especially in regards to delivering on bipartisan mitigation targets) all the way to delivering to land managers of Australia (if they are not able to participate in mitigation efforts, there will be no credits for the CFI).
  • Context – more context is needed within the Strategy, especially the value proposition.
  • Themes and subthemes – participants were relatively comfortable with the proposed themes, with some amendment and suggestions for subtheme level. The strategy writers need to consider using more positive language.
  • Systems-based – themes need to be more integrative, systems based and have to have strong extension and outreach component. There was much discussion about extension versus communication, which will need resolution out of session.
  • Strategy versus Plan – there were requests for outcomes to be incorporated within the Strategy, so that the success of the strategy can be assessed. This is standard practice in research plans prepared by investors. However, CCRSPI is a research strategy that does not have control in the investment (and therefore the outcomes) – that depends on the investors and their priorities. CCRSPI agrees that outcomes are required, but they need to be framed in a way that is meaningful and measureable within a Strategy.
  • Audit of research and capacity – CCRSPI will increase the emphasis on development of a database of current work within CCRSPI partners (as well as ARC) against the Strategy.

The CCRSPI team will continue to develop and revise the strategy through early 2012, before delivering the final strategy and theme plans to the Primary Industry Ministerial Council and Primary Industry Standing Committee by March 2012.

Presentations from the Forum are available to download from www.ccrspi.org.au/ccrspi-resources/ccrspi-forum-2011.